Monday, May 20, 2013

Rogue River Special a part of Rogue River History!

Willie's Boats are Great Boats, but they are trimed wrong inline fishing. When I put someone in the back it would plow and became a whale. I have always been partial to the flatter Rogue River Special, but I lost hope of ever owning one as I had heard Alumaweld quit building them. Then I met Brett, he had Rogue Marine Bulid my new boat to Jerry Briggs classic Rogue River Special standard. This boat was adapted from both Glen Woodridge's, and Bob Pritchet's designs. Unlike most drift boats you see on the river nowadays, mostly McKenzie style, the Rogue has a flatter, wider bottom at the stern, making it a great boat to motor. The greater surface area also provides more lift when held, making it a more stable platform to fly fish out of for the person in the back. This is the main reason for me to change boats. My Willies was cramped and rode bow high with someone in the back.  One of the other advantage of this boat is that it holds its line better, but if your use to pivioting on a dime like a McKenzie, the Rogue will take some getting use to. I am proud to be stepping in the guiding shoes of the greats here on the Rogue, rowing their water with their design. Here's to the good Ole Rogue River Special, may she never die! This is the boat Born out of the river I love, I shouldn't be rowing anything else. 
She Is Special

17' 48" Rogue River, My willies would have been bow high with just Max in the back

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