Thursday, May 16, 2013

Introducing People To Rogue River Steelhead Is The Best

It doesn't matter if its the first or last, there is something about coaxing mighty missiles out of  the deep.  I get just as excited as my clients(or sons) do when we finally get a drag ripping screamer to the boat. There isn't a better feeling then knowing that you're the one that introduces people to a wild world that transcends our made up version. The feel of the ancient water rushing past your feet, the might of pure steel muscle at the end of your line, or the subtle kiss of a leave as it lands on your favorite fall tail-out, are all part of this magical world, and I get to share that with people--what a humbling experience--I thank every one of you that have allowed me to share those experiences with you, and I look forward to those of you I haven't met yet. Best Fishes Nate
Gage's First Fly Caught Rogue River Steelhead March 2013      
John's first Fly caught Rogue River Steelhead from"Last Chance"Hole. April 2013 

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  1. Those pictures took my breath away!!!! Thanks for sharing your photos.

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