Fly Fishing Rogue River

You have to love the Rogue! You Just have to!It boast one of the largest Wild Steelhead runs in the lower 48. This is one fishery that will live up to the hype. Summer Steelhead peak in September & October, and Winters vary between late March to May, but there are always fish in the River System somewhere. If you Get Cabin fever, the Upper Rogue has a ton of hold over Steelhead, summers waiting to spawn with winters, to go after. This is one of my favorite times of the year as you will the river mostly to yourself.

Come and fish one of the legends, you will be glad you did.    


  1. Fly fishing is really great especially when your on a river full of fishes.

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  2. I fish the Upper Rogue river year round. I love it! It's nice to know that whatever is going on, there is always the chance of hooking into a fish about 15 minutes away.