Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Good News...Winter Fishing in The Klamath Basin

As of January 2016 ODFW has opened all Klamath Basin Streams that don't have special seasons spelled out in the special regulations area, This includes a incredible fishery...The Sprague River. The reason I am so excited is that the Sprague is tributary of the famed Williamson River and Holds a ton of the Williamson bound fish in the winter. That means that the prospect of swinging up a trophy Redband Trout now exist all year in the basin. Be careful though, as the Sprague runs through mostly private ground and trespassing would be easy to do if you don't know the area. I will be hitting the river hard as soon as it opens, ill post a report soon. until then enjoy some Sprague River scenery.

Stop your cabin fever and hit the river! 


Home of the winter Redband!

The Cure for Cabin Fever!

Sprague River Scenery--Klamath Basin Style