Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 Rogue River Steelhead is as I expected it would be!

I knew that this year's Rogue Steelhead in was going to be bonkers and it hasn't disappointed us. Last trip we hooked 5 tailwalkers that were so hyper that the clients were able to only tame one and get it to the boat. Last year's Huntly counts for half pounders was about twice the ten year average and now we are seeing that trend with the adults this year. The swinging has been good mornings and evenings when the sun is off the water and nymphs are killer when fished among spawning salmon. Remember to fish where the most fall Chinooks are spawning as the Steelhead pile up behind them.
If your not sure which pattern to use maybe we can help there also. Go to
To get flies that were born on the Rogue out of a bunch of testing and adjusting.
Check out the  Huntly Park fish counts...its a great season that looks like it will hold strong for quite some time.
We went 1 for 5 today... steelhead will give the trout fishermen a new appreciation for speed!
Egg Flies....
Steelhead meat!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Rogue River Steelhead

The Rogue is shaping up to have an incredible year. We have been on fish since July and, from the sounds of it the canyon is still loaded. Fish early and late unless you have a overcast day, and be prepared as we have been hooking a few fall Chinook Salmon as well. Get out there, the river is in great shape and the fish are cooperative. 
Andrew with a nice tail walking hen
Nate's Egg Sucking Stone Fly

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ready for the Spawn

There are so many salmon in the river this year, and they will spawn where the dams have been removed.  Salmon eggs are easy pickins for summer steel. It's going to be a amazing year.
Nate's Egg Flies