Wednesday, January 4, 2017

For those of you who like to gather feathers the same time your casting them. Fins and Feathers Rogue River style.

The Rogue just happens to fish well during the Oregon waterfowl season and at the request of several of my clients we now offer a Fins and Feather trip. The trip consist of hunting ducks when they are flying (mornings and evenings) and Swinging Flies as the water warms. If this is your thing Check out the video below! Winter Steelhead are starting to show.
Swinging for winters!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Fins and Feathers

You all know about the Rogue Rivers reputation for steelhead fishing, but I'll bet you never thought about its potential as a Waterfowl Habitat. The Rogue, around Medford Oregon has many slews and back water timbered areas. These areas attract large numbers of migrating, Mallards, Widgeon, Wood Ducks, and other puddler ducks from the middle of November until the season closes late January. During this time of year the Rogue is also full of late summer, fall and winter run steelhead.
Rogue River Winter Steelhead



With the addition of my new Lowe 1756 boat and 37efi Mud Buddy, I can now offer a new adventure apply named "Fin and Feather" trip. the trip starts with a run down the river,. we set the decoys in the back slew that the duck prefer that week, pop up the warm boat blind, have a warm breakfast and harvest ducks. Just imagine, producing your own wood duck flank feathers, and duck steaks. Once the ducks stop flying and the river warms to its highest temp for the day we pick up the decoys and hit several top producing steelhead runs.
Please note the voice you hear is telling our
dog Gunner to SIT Not the other word that sounds like it


This type of trip is a tradition among locals. For years, outdoorsmen have provided a Thanksgiving feast, or a Christmas dinner from the bounty the Rogue gave them. If you’re looking for a different adventure this is it.
Rogue Teal

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why a Sinking Scandi?

Low Flow

The winter can be a productive, yet frustrating time for those of us that love to swing steelhead flies. The flows can fluctuate from outrageous to fickle all in a weeks time. Most swing fishermen know how to handle the high flows: just throw on a Skagit, Heavy Tip, and Toss half of a chicken, but what do you do when the flows subside and the water turns gin clear? The temps tell you, that you have to hug the bottom, but if you dared to huck wench cable in this type of water you would nuke every run you hit. What's left, throw a scandi and hope the sluggish fish will take a fly hi in the water column? Sure the scandi will present the fly like it was landing on a tempur-pedic , but it wont invoke the lazy take of a winter fish as they prefer the fly to be in their face. Most of us use to stay home when these conditions presented themselves, but if your like me that felt like giving up, so I searched hi and low for as solution. That solution took me to the Scandinavian Countries! Those guys had the answer--sinking scandis! These sinkers had light enough tips that I could present a fly snuggle soft, yet deep. There was one problem with these sinkers though, the swung like junk. The rear taper of the scandi contained the bulk of the heads weight, making a single density scandi  swing with the rear deeper than the fly. This was a huge problem and I swore that I would never use a sinking scandi again, that was until LTS sent me some Triple Density Heads. LTS built their heads so that the thin front taper was the fastest sinking portion of the line, and the least sinking portion was at the back: why didn't anyone else think of this? it was pure revelation. Now when I swing low and clear, I am able to make super soft cast that will put the fly near the bottom, at the winter fishes preferred level...Giving me no reason to hang my rod up when such levels exist. if you find yourself sitting on the couch due to conditions, jump out of the box and figure out what it takes to put a fly in front of a fish. come fish with us we will show you some of our out of the box winter methods .....tight lines  

Rogue Winter
Winter is as good as any time to get off the couch!
Swing it!
Conditions like these demand a Triple Density Scandis  
Any day fishing is better than.....


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Micro-Speys or Switch Rods who cares

With all the great switch/micro-spey gear that is out there they should draw your attention. Not all water is spey water, but all water can be 2-handed water! See what Nate has to say about these cool little rods.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Do you know what to do with your running line?

I have been asked to share my "hook and grab" line management technique, so here it is!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September Steelhead! A Rogue River Report!

If you are waiting for the Rogue to start to fish well, don't. We were catching fresh fish as early as July, but it seems to have really turned on as of late.

Touvelle area always fishes well this time of year, but fish can really be found anywhere in the upper Rogue!

Swing October Caddis emergers, or my Halloween Fly. Switch to something bigger mid day when the fish are escaping the overhead sun and looking for deeper water.

Of course nymphs always work, I like to throw nymphs that look like Nymphs, but the otis bugs hook their share of fish every year.

My trailing fly in September  and October will always be a egg pattern of some sort. Lately I have been fishing pink, and doing well! I know, I know, I have be quoted as saying, "If your not fishing orange your not fishing the the Rogue!" Well, some chrome bullets have made me to eat those words lately!

Remember, pegged beads are illegal during the fly only season!

So if your looking for a time to fish the Rogue for Steelhead, the time is now!

Steely Bugs


Beautiful Cutt

Working the Run!

Beautiful Wild Hen!

Fish On!

The Release 

The RUN!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Where to fish in Southern Oregon? A Rogue, Williamson and Wood River Report!

Where should I fish in Southern Oregon right now? That is a question that is amazingly hard to answer right now...all the rivers are fishing extremely well!

The Rogue: We have been catching steel since June. Normally this is a real spotty prospect this time of year, but lately you could feel pretty confident that you'll at least touch one. We have been swing real buggy soft hackles with great success. They have been working for both Trout and Steelhead! Hold on once you hit a larger fish as they are silver bullets and have the full intention of tearing up your gear!

The Williamson: is stacked, but you had better bring your witts as they are deep and the river is clear. These conditions mean you had better get your swing down without lining these large trout. Once you figure it out they are more than willing to smack your offering. There are some BIG lake runners up as far as the county park. My epoxy leach and PTBFE have been producing well.

The Wood and Lake: Hunt for the cool water! Once you find it you'll find fish, and a ton of them! I'm doing well with small buggers!

The Basin is still a bit wild!
Klamath SHARK!!!!
Williamson "Steelhead"
The Lake Never Disappoints  
Williamson Fish loved the PTBFE

Rogue Trout Action was Hot during Andras Outfitters Kids Camp