Monday, December 5, 2016

Fins and Feathers

You all know about the Rogue Rivers reputation for steelhead fishing, but I'll bet you never thought about its potential as a Waterfowl Habitat. The Rogue, around Medford Oregon has many slews and back water timbered areas. These areas attract large numbers of migrating, Mallards, Widgeon, Wood Ducks, and other puddler ducks from the middle of November until the season closes late January. During this time of year the Rogue is also full of late summer, fall and winter run steelhead.
Rogue River Winter Steelhead



With the addition of my new Lowe 1756 boat and 37efi Mud Buddy, I can now offer a new adventure apply named "Fin and Feather" trip. the trip starts with a run down the river,. we set the decoys in the back slew that the duck prefer that week, pop up the warm boat blind, have a warm breakfast and harvest ducks. Just imagine, producing your own wood duck flank feathers, and duck steaks. Once the ducks stop flying and the river warms to its highest temp for the day we pick up the decoys and hit several top producing steelhead runs.
Please note the voice you hear is telling our
dog Gunner to SIT Not the other word that sounds like it


This type of trip is a tradition among locals. For years, outdoorsmen have provided a Thanksgiving feast, or a Christmas dinner from the bounty the Rogue gave them. If you’re looking for a different adventure this is it.
Rogue Teal