Monday, October 12, 2015

Look what river made #1

Check out what river made #1! and I would have to agree! Click on the link to see the top 10 Fly Fishing destinations  in Oregon.

This Wild Red Band is why!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Week of Rogue River First- An October Steelhead Report

The week started off great, almost every boat had stung at least a few fish. Everyone was catching fish on the Rogue from Fishers Ferry to the Hatchery,but the sun came out and the fishing slowed. There are a TON of fish but the bright sun move the fish out of the riffles during the day and made us fish the deep water. Nymphs are really out fishing the swing as the fish have been inactive. The good News is there are a Ton of fish in the Upper Rogue and as soon as we get some weather the bight will take off. The weather looks promising, at the very least well get some overcast and match the conditions we had at the beginning of last week. When the Rain comes, you better be here. Until then fish the riffles before the sun hits the water. Once its overhead, put those sink tips on and swing the deep holes, and go with the old adage, bright day bright fly, dark day dark fly. Of course nymphs and eggs always work. Although this is the News most have been following about the Rogue, its not the coolest news from last week. The news I'm talking about is something that keeps me coming back trip after trip.

Last week I got to see huge smiles from people who were able to do many first. Here are some Pictures That celebrate some of those first.

David swinging for his first Rogue River Steelhead!

Rogue Steel!

Although David didn't get it on the swing, David got his first Steelhead. 

Love the Rogue!

Off to Fight Again!

Jim on his First Steelhead Fly Fishing trip. 

Heading out!
David S. resting after tearing it up on his first day behind a spey rod.

Dave S. caught on quick. Here he is about 10 minutes after his first cast from behind the 2 hander!