Friday, January 30, 2015

Calling all Swingers...This year may be the best year to swing up a Rogue Winter Steelhead!

When all the conditions come together Magic happens....That's what the Rogue Winter run is shaping up to be this year...Magic

All the conditions are coming in line... tons of fish, higher than normal winter water temps, and river flows that keep it the beautiful steelhead emerald.

We have had good success swinging for the aggressive winter fish and they shouldn't even be here in catchable numbers yet. If your trying to shake off the winter blues look no further than the Rogue! If you need help we still have a few dates open, but act fast as they will fill fast as the word gets out.

The excitement is spreading all over the west check out this article

Come experience the Rogue.

The Rogue River will put a smile on your face!

The Best Flows!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Nate's Wired Rogue and Winter Steelheading, what a mix!

Big flies swung slow seem to be the winter fix. I have combined several fish catching attributes into one burley steelhead killer. Give it a try on your waters.
The Wired Rogue Strikes Agian
LTS X1 8126 Rod,  Speyco Reel, Airflo 570 Grn Skagit Internediate,
 Flo T7 Tip, and A Wired Rogue Fly...A great combo for Rogue Winter
Swing Water!
Knip the shank at the bend.
Add a tungsten bead(blue or orange), 40 lb spider wire, and Chartreuse Ice
Hackle wrap a large black Marabou, add  a black wired body, then create a Black ice Chenille ball.     
Hackle wrap another black marabou, add rubber legs of your choice, and tie in a long saddle hackle leg.
Wrap in a large webby hen hackle the same color as your bead and whip finish. Now you have a deadly mix of color and movement that will drive even the mellowest Rogue Steelie mad. Tight Lines!