Monday, January 26, 2015

Nate's Wired Rogue and Winter Steelheading, what a mix!

Big flies swung slow seem to be the winter fix. I have combined several fish catching attributes into one burley steelhead killer. Give it a try on your waters.
The Wired Rogue Strikes Agian
LTS X1 8126 Rod,  Speyco Reel, Airflo 570 Grn Skagit Internediate,
 Flo T7 Tip, and A Wired Rogue Fly...A great combo for Rogue Winter
Swing Water!
Knip the shank at the bend.
Add a tungsten bead(blue or orange), 40 lb spider wire, and Chartreuse Ice
Hackle wrap a large black Marabou, add  a black wired body, then create a Black ice Chenille ball.     
Hackle wrap another black marabou, add rubber legs of your choice, and tie in a long saddle hackle leg.
Wrap in a large webby hen hackle the same color as your bead and whip finish. Now you have a deadly mix of color and movement that will drive even the mellowest Rogue Steelie mad. Tight Lines!

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