Saturday, May 11, 2013

Nate's Steelhead Prince!


If you could create the perfect fly, what would it entail? Well for one it would have to be built off a foundational pattern that has proven itself, on the water you fish, time and again. It would have to hold up to the abuse of the proper presentation, and it would have to be easy and fast to tie. These patterns don't just come togather by themselves, they take time to develop as you design the pattern to work the way you want. That is they way my series of flies have came about. These are designs that have came through combining what works. I hope they help in the progression of your own patterns.

The foundation of every fly is the hook. All of my steelhead nymphs start with a heavy wire sharp hook. I have straitened to many regular nymph hooks to use them anymore. I love the hooks from Trout Beads.
I add weight to all of my nymphs as it gets them down fast, and keeps them down if you want to swing them at the end of the drift.

I have learned to use rubber tails on my nymphs as they last longer than natural fibers and provide more movement. I love the fish-catching abilitie of natural peacock, but it isn't near durable enough-so you notice I use immitation peacock.

Once agian I I replaced the goose quill of the orgional prince pattern with some rubber leggs, and I tie in a oversive webby hackle to add movement when I decide to swing this pattern.

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And there you have it! Nate's Steelhead Prince. It fishes well dead drifted and swung. Its easy to tie and durable.

The Result!


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