Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nate's Wired Worm

There are flies that just work regardless of rather you think they should or not. The Brassie is one of those flies, but good isn't good enough when you can improve on a design. This flies success is most likely due to its diving ability-the thing sinks better than a rock. It flows through the current like a real bug, but what if it had arms to match the drift, well that's where my wired worm comes in!

I always start with a heavy hook for Steelhead nymphs 

Add a bead (I super glue them on) and add a couple of rubber tails (they suggest several different bugs) 

Tie in the color of UNI Wire you like (I tie this is several colors)

Wrap the wire forward making a abdomen, tie in your favorite chenille give it a couple wraps to make a wing case.   

Add hackle 

Wrap hackle forming the beckoning moving legs that a Upper Rogue Steelhead  cant  resist.

I fish this fly dead drift until it reaches quartering down downstream then I will swing it to dangle. Try it on your rivers!

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  1. Sweet blog, but one suggestion. Upsize the font size one or two fonts. Its really really hard to read, and I like to read sooo.. otherwise keep it coming.