Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hooked a King today and found out a 8WT was way to light for a bright chromer! I casted upstream and would work my line perpendicular the rod--a kind of slow drift/swing. The Chinook hammered it and made three runs, jumping all the way. He just about spooled me.

Best Hole on the River! you can acess it from the butte creek side of deanmen.

Its Hard to see, but I was keeping my line perpendicular to the rod tip, just enough tension to to feel a hit, but not so much to pull the flies off the bottom.

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This is what your flies should look like if you get the modified swing right, I only could achieve it about half the time.

Fish On! right after this Picture he dang near spooled me. Last I saw of him, was almost to the rocks at the hole below me, there was nothing I could do!


  1. I know exactly where that is! - Neil

  2. Neil, When I go there I try to find your footsteps because I know if I was standing where you were, I shure catch a fish!Its good to see ya checking out my Blog!

  3. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...that got a chuckle out of me. And you know what? I'm always checking for foot prints there too! I've flyfished there so many years, boy the memories I have. One I remember is hooking a spring chinook there with a 9' 5/6wt. Hooked it on a black Woolly Bugger at the head of one of the rivulets that bisect the gravel bar. That whole section was much different then. A lot more river ran through the side channel. Thus I hooked it a lot further up from where you probably hooked yours. Of course the first thing it did was jump. Then the salmon ran down through the side channel and jumped again. Lot of line out, but I gain some back by following down to the fish. Had it nearly under control, when it got a head of steam going away again. Down into that main stream section where I think you lost yours. Nothing much you can do down there. A good steelhead will even spool you there in high water, but you have a lot better chance with a steelhead. I remember a lot of line going out, and with little chance of pulling a springer upstream through that heavy current, I broke it off. -Neil

    1. Hope to see you there one of these days Neil!