Sunday, May 5, 2013

When the two words Klamath and Fly Fishing meet you usually think of the Hex hatch on the Williamson, or Dragging leaches on the lake. Maybe you would think of the grasshoppers that fall to gorging trout on the Wood River, or the super spooky trout of Crystal Creek, but you probably would never think of the Sprague River. Why is that? Is it because there aren't any fish? Nope. It's a fine fishery. The reason you don't hear much about it is because it has very few access points and there is a ton of private ground surrounding it, but if you know where your going and what your doing the Sprague will give up its treasure.

Beautiful, Relaxing, River

The Wind made me get out my switch rod.
Love this River

Not bad for a half hour! This little trout thought he was a steelhead making a couple of good runs.  There are much bigger Fish in there!

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