Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Its been a busy week!

It has been a busy week. The Upper Rogue is starting to show summer steelhead. We have been hooking a few on swung flies. The river has raised and I expect them to shoot up!

The Klamath Basin is still producing, although the full moon has slowed fishing as of late. Swinging Flies with the small speys are still producing, which makes me happy, happy, happy, as there is no better way to fish!

Once the Rogue starts to drop and the moon goes away the rivers will come alive.

Here are a couple pictures from the last week.

Carrie with a Fish On

Nice Wood River Trout on the swing!

Nice little Rogue River Steelhead-- Good Job Seth, what a fight on a 3 wt.

Aaron with his first Wood River redband.

Klamath Grows Trout Big!


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  1. This must be another exciting way to go fishing - I should find time to learn it.

    Fishing in Alaska