Monday, August 26, 2013

Is it the tug, or the fight?

I am around big fish a lot, but I still enjoy the tug of the small ones. Maybe its all about my roots, or just that connection with the wild. We have a small lake close to our house that is full with warm water game-fish. When the boys(my Labs) give me that, I gotta swim look, we run off to this small lake. I whip out the 3wt and just have a ball! Seems funny to all my friends that I would enjoy such small fish, but these fish always take me back to the time when I was a kid- a simpler time when didn't have to catch the biggest fish in the river. A time when every tug was a gift, and it was more important to enjoy the water and all her depths hold. As a Guide its my Job to get my clients into the big ones, but I hope I provide more than that, I hope I pass on the same reverence for the tug that I felt as a kid. Regardless of the size, or numbers of fish, fishing should be fun, and if it takes little pan fish to remind me of that fact so be it.

Small Lake, Small Rod

Just like a Kid!

What a fight, almost slipped the drag!

Guppy Candy

Can I get Him Dad?

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