Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A great night on the Rogue River!

You don't get many days on the Rogue River like I had yesterday! A client who wants to row your boat so they can build some oarsman skills for their local river is a rare treat. The same client that wants to only swing flies, but will leisurely fish between swing runs is even better. But, a client who absolutely gets it, and has as deep of a love for steelhead and the beauty of a well swung fly is priceless. I'm sure the words, "I'm one of those guys you don't have to micromanage, just let me know where the major holding areas of the run are, and relax--grab a rod and follow me through." are the words every guide would love to hear. That's how it went last night! Within fifteen minutes of fishing, Carl had swung up the most beautiful half pounder that thought it was a tiger! A couple minutes later he swung the Emerald tail-out, where midway through the growl of his real revealed another vicious take. Carl missed the fish, but like any well seasoned steelheader, threw the exact same cast knowing the fish was probably still grabby. Carl's creation swam its way to the battle line and presented itself in as scrumptious as it could. It was to much for the chromed monster to stand. From a 100 yards up river I could see the rod tip dive and the reel sing as the monster smashed the offering. Carl was to ready for the take and didn't give the fish enough time, and the line became depressingly slack. I expected to see some sort of anger, or aggravation on Carl's face, but there was none of that --just a smile from ear to ear, "Did you see that?" bellowed up the river, "I got my Fix!" I have never seen someone so happy to miss a fish. I waded my way down and handed Carl another fly, trying to switch things up to induce another strike. Carl fished it a couple swings, just to appease me, then said "Any fish that gives me two chances, that I miss, deserves to be left alone."
Its such a treat to fish with some one who gets it will make your whole week, thanks Carl for the great trip.

Ready for Battle!

Typical Rogue River Steelhead Run!
Beautiful Rogue River Half Pounder on the swing!

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  1. I love that you use Echo reels for your steelheading. I have the Ion 10/12 and find it a great value for the dollar. Great report BTW,