Monday, January 13, 2014

The Next Generation!

I love the fact that my boys still want to go fishing with me. I think the future of our Sport, Rivers, and Fish are in there hands. I am proud of all three of my boys, and would like you meet them. They aren't only the future of On The Fly Guide Service they are the people that will carry its values forward. I am pleased to introduce:

Aaron is the oldest of my three son's which means that he has been eating all the boat snacks longest. He is the most patient of all my boys. When he was little he would hunt the whole river, hitting every lie until he would catch a fish, then he would stay there the rest of the day. I couldn't get him to move as he thought that was the only place to catch a fish in the whole river.

Aaron with a couple nice Wood River Red Bands

Gage Is my middle son. He is probably the least patient of my sons. If its not moving fast he is. He covers water like a freight train! Often passing up all, but the most aggressive fish in the run--his excuse is those other fish don't fight anyhow. Gage is a natural with a two hander, although I had a heck of a time teaching him (father son thing). It wasn't until Mark Bauchman spent some time with him until he really started kicking some line out. If your swinging behind Gage, don't worry he wont hog the hole- but he may get all the tail walkers.

Wood River... Ya

Gage attacking a classic Rogue River Run!

Chase is the youngest of my sons. He is never to be outdone by his older brothers. He is fishes wise beyond his years. Always calculating, he watches his brothers and learns from their victories and mistakes. Chase usually bats clean up--catching fish the other two have missed. You can bet if Chase is fishing a certain lie he'll have a reason. 

Chase with a nice Rogue River Steelhead.

 As you can see, On The Fly Guide Service and our sport is in good hands, and you can bet I am a proud Papa.

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