Friday, January 24, 2014

AirFlo Rage Give Away!

We are just 250 visits away from Giving away a Airflo Rage (in the weight you request). So if you haven't  done so yet, go to my  website and use the link to my email and send me a message. I will put your message into a raffle. If you visit the site, make sure you get credit for it and send me a email. I will not use the emails for a mass email, or sell them to anyone, and I will delete the folder they are in after the drawing. If you like to keep up with whats going on, on the Rogue, Williamson, and other Southern Oregon waters you can follow  My Blog , just click on the "follow me" button on the top right and you will get a notification when my blog updates. If you want a Rage line, take the few seconds and shoot me a never know you might be the winner.
Go with the Flo

Could Be Yours


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  1. I would love to fish the Northwest. What ever will work on my Deer Creek 13" 7/8. On my bucket list.

    In RI.