Saturday, January 11, 2014

Calling all Fly Fishermen!

As a Citizen Airman myself, I have the opportunity, and privilege, to be close the fine men and women of our Armed Services. The first hand stories of IED's, Firefights, and Human Atrocities that these people have to go through makes me shudder.

After viewing the movie Lone Survivor last night I was reminded of Project Healing Waters and what Bigstick Fly Fishing is trying to do to help these Heros.

  If you watch this movie remember the price of freedom isn't free and we all should try to do something  help calm their battle ridden souls. Help Organizations like  Project Healing Waters, Lone Survivor Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project.

As Fly Fishermen there is something else you can do. Its Simple, Its Free, Its Informative, and best of all it helps those who Served You...Register at Big Stick Fly Fishing. The folks over there are donating gear and I'm donating trips to our Veterans. Take the Five Minutes, Register , and you will help bring peace to our Heroes. This is a way everyone can get involved. For details check out the picture below:

Watch Lone Survivor and do what you can to help. 

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