Friday, January 31, 2014

As Promised, 8126-4 LTS Explosive Review

Thanks to Donna at Fish On! Sports I got to test out two different LTS rods. The Explosive and the X1. I have completed a video review on the Explosive, which is below, But before you get into the Video I want to comment on the components and finish of both Rods. LTS has Premium Cork, the likes of what you find on custom rods, where the rings are hand picked. The reel-seats are cool, European Styled, and beefy--but light. Both Rods are as Light as a Feather, and precisely wrapped. In short, the appearance of these rods are easy on the eyes, but their performance will capture your attention. 

I hope you enjoy the Review, and stay tuned for the X1, and LTS line reviews.  

LTS Explosive is a real attention getter!


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  1. Nate, thank you so much for your interest in LTS Flyfishing rods and reels, and taking the time to test the LTS Explosive, X1 spey rods in 8wt,12ft6, 4pc, and the LTS Custom and III-S lines in 8/9wt . Love the video and photo, and I am so glad you had fun with the rods and lines on the river! To tight lines and laser loops :-)