Saturday, July 20, 2013

We may have came up with the ultimate Trout swinging line.

Swinging flies has to be one of the most exhilarating ways to catch Fish, and Double handers are the best tool for such a job, especially on rivers where fish become boat shy. I have found the I can reach out, way past the disturbance of my boat and oar strokes, with a switch rod, but a floating line with tips didn't provide the right angle to present the fly properly to fish holding mid depth. Guide's wouldn't be caught dead without their clear, or camo intermediate lines for these situations, but they don't cast well as a spey line. This is where I ran into problems, There are no Clear Spey type lines out there. I had tried throwing Skagits with clear Polly Leaders but I pulled the anchor and had a hard time trying to get the high floating thick Skagit to fish right. Sure they work great for the wide swings that steelhead like, but for the Williamson, and Wood River trout's preferred narrow swing they were nearly impossible. Thanks to Steve Godshall, I think we have overcame some of the obstacles that kept us from using our switch rods on these waters.  The line Steve built is a complete intermediate, with the first 19' a clear mono-core head that's subtle enough to lay on still waters without spooking fish, yet large enough to turn over large water soaked leaches. This head is driven by a short, Skagit style head that provides enough power to easily shoot line 70' or 80', which provides plenty of distance to get away from the boat. The line does take a little getting use to as its a complete 27 foot intermediate head on a 11'  4wt  rod but once you adjust its easy. The line is 295 grains and loads the rod well. As good as it cast, it fishes even better, exactly what I was looking for! Although we only had a couple hours to fish we managed to swing up a few fish--something that would have been hard to do just fishing tips. I love this line and can't wait to have one built for my 6wt. Steve Godshall is the Einstein of fly lines. After a some brainstorming we came up with a line that swings for weary Fish in some of the hardest places, Steve made my ultimate line come true--thanks Steve.

The Line Loads Well

On the Swing

Little guy

That's more like it

Best Place on Earth

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