Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Ultimate Line

As I have stated before, swinging flies for Rogue River Steelhead and Trophy Redband Trout is my passion. Swinging, and two handed rods go hand in hand, but there is a huge lack of good switch lines when it comes swinging for trout. I love the castability of the Skagit, but don't care for the way it floats so high, and the hinging effect of when swinging with tips, a presentation that in my opinion lacks, the fishy movement that Williamson, and Wood River RedBands like. The other side of the coin is the fishy, slick, CLEAR, intermediate weight forward lines that is a super stealthy necessity when we are talking the Basin, but they detract from the long cast and fishiness of the best swinging tool known to Man--the Switch rod.  If I could design the perfect tool for trout swinging it would be a clear intermediate Skagit head with intermediate running line. Such a head would combine the best of both worlds. You could still get the supper swimming effect of a intermediate, that would allow you to cast to fish that are beyond the average single hander. Come on someone come out with a clear intermediate Skagit. Until then Ill just have to keep using the ole floating Skagit.

Wood River--Two Hands!

The Tug!
The Hecklers
Slick Line Scores

They eat Swung Flies!

Intermediate D loops just aren't the same!

The perfect line would bring more of these!

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