Saturday, June 4, 2016

Not a bad problem to have ... a Rogue, Williamson, Wood rivers, and Klamath Lake Report.


This time of year is a hard time of year for me as its hard to choose between the Rogue, Williamson, Wood Rivers and the Klamath Lake. I guess we could have worse problems.

The Rogue is the go to, when we are talking about new fishermen. With the prospects of catching a ton of fish on dries it's a great way to introduce people to the sport of flyfishing. if you are looking to get a wife or one of your children hooked, the Rogue is a great option
Rogue River Cutty!

The Williamson is fishing well, but the best is yet to come. All the fish we have been catching are clean as a whistle, meaning they don't have any of the license on them from the lake. This is a sure indicator that the big push of fish lake fish haven't hit the cool waters of the Williamson. As the lake warms expect more and more fish to show up. As it is we are catching quite a few fish a day.
Oregon Trophy Trout
Williamson River Redband

Klamath Basin Fly Fishing
Williamson Slab!

The Wood is in the same boat as the Williamson, but fish are already moving into the estuary. Fish from the wetlands bridge down. Watch for fish early in the morning and late in the evenings. Swing soft hackles across rising fish.
The Tranquil Wood River

Klamath Basin Fly Fishing
The Locals

The Klamath/Agency  is fishing amazingly  well. Look for fish staging at the cool water. With the heat they are going to start pushing up the rivers. Strip leaches and emergers across rolling fish. Look for the foam lines along the mixing of the warm and cool waters.

The Klamath/Agency Lake is a consistent producer!

There you have it! If Southern Oregon isn't on your bucket list it should be. It has the water to match whatever skill level, and gives you the potential to catch the largest, meanest trout of your life. 


  1. Look forward to fishing the Williamson and Wood rivers with Nate when fishing gets better! Let me know when to come up :-)

  2. I'm so envy you. I'm want to go in the Klamath Lake Report. Anyways, nice blog.