Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rogue River Report...let the Games Begin!

This nice August steelhead slammed a Rogue Recon!
The Rogue is swinging well when the flows aren't fluctuating from the dam. Try to catch it a couple days after the last change and the bite seems to pickup. The upper river (from fishers ferry up) has been a perfect temperature to keep the fish active. Swing your Scandis  with flies from 10's to 4's.We have been using intermediate scandis exclusively, if you haven't fished one yet, you need to.  We have been hitting them with Naturals and Purples, the Rogue Recon has been fishing extremely well, as well as my Punch in the Face. The river is flowing out of the dam at a cool 1500cfs and will soon drop I am betting. So get out there before it does. Wake the tailouts morning and evening...there are a ton of fish in the upper section. Aug/September is a great time to get on the river and wet wade... after the long summer its quickly becoming a yearly ritual, that invites fall. Come and experience the will leave you smiling.

Steelhead October Caddis always work!

Punch in the Face!

Wired Halloween!

Rogue Recon is always a winner!

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