Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jarod's Rogue River Recon

A good buddy of mine got a purple heart in Afghanistan  while defending  our country. When he got back he took up spey fishing to help with his PTSD. During this time he would always send his fly in the run to do a little "Recon." So out of respect  for  what he went through for me I'm going to name this fly after him. Please check out Jarod's Rogue River Recon, soon there will be pictures with Jarod holding a fish he swung up with this fly....I just know it...Jarod this one's for you buddy...thanks for your service!
Jarod's Rogue River Recon
Start with a purple Schlappen
Add in wire rib.
Use holographic tensile for the body.
Make a chartreuse ball to hold the Schlappen's profile in the water. 
Wrap the Schlappen like any other hackle.
The you have it Jarod's Rogue River Recon
Jarod giving it a shot.

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