Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Williamson River and the Klamath Basin Trout are some of the most agressive trout you'll ever find! (a Klamath Basin and Williamson Report)

The Klamath/Agency is the heart of all the Basins fishing. If you ever drove past it you can understand how this fishery grows such large fish...the evidence will be all over your car. The Klamath/Agency lake is a huge shallow body of water. this produces one of the most fertile lakes in the west as the aquatic insect life is second to none. The Red Band Trout (Land Locked Steelhead in my Opinion) have more food than they can eat. The shallow lake also creates a problem for the Trout though...high water temps in the summer. Red Bands are always looking for the perfect water temp, but they also are reluctant to leave the fertile waters of the lake so they seek you the areas where the cool springs mix with the warm lake water so they can take advantage of the both worlds. Once the lake gets warm enough they have to even leave these areas and move up the cooler Wood and Williamson Rivers. As of 6/16/2015, due to the higher lake conditions, the fish haven't made their huge push yet, but are staging at the mixing of the waters. With the increased daily air temps and lake temps I expect the Fish will be making their way up the tributaries any time. until then find the cold water spots on the lake. Fish your slime lines and leaches on the strip. there are a ton of fish this year so get out there.

The Stunning Williamson River

A Silver Williamson River Red Band

Steve, with a close encounter of the Klamath Basin kind!