Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Klamath Red Band Trout and the Single Handed, and Micro Spey Fly Fishing equal a perfect match!

Some say that the Klamath Basin Red band trout is a landlocked steelhead and I would have to agree. These fish grow large in the fertile Klamath and Agency lakes (the two lakes are actually one, with some reclaimed land in the middle) and have a attitude that is only matched by the wildest of their steelhead cousins. With the rage of the micro-speys coming on strong, Southern Oregon and the Klamath Basin should be on any serious Speyiter's Bucket List. The fish will stay in the lake as long as they can, even in the summer around the cold water springs, but they are forced up the cold water rivers once the lake heats up. This is the best time of year to fish the Williamson and Wood rivers. There is also a fall push up the river to spawn. During this push I enjoy fishing the run above Chiloquin. The holes above Chiloquin take me back to when I was a kid, as these were the holes that were within walking distance of where I grew up.
The Klamath Basin Fisheries are amazing. The lake (like the Pacific) fuels the whole system.  If you want to chase a trout, that take a swung fly, look no further than the rivers of the Basin.
Large Fish!
Lots of fish!
Fish with shoulders!
Gear testing Fish!
You owe it to yourself to experience these fish!

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