Thursday, May 21, 2015

Holy Water Salmon Fly is my best salmon fly pattern for the Rogue River

I love the end of May! it means a couple of things. First, Holy Water Salmon Flies here on the Rogue. Second, the Williamson River and its trophy trout is opening. As grand as all that is this year's May  is even better as LTS Flyfishing has introduce several new rods, one of which is the perfect, and I do mean perfect salmon fly rod...the LTS 690-4 Ephemera. This rod is a silky smooth dry fly rod that can flat put some line out. I'm like a kid in a candy store. If you haven't given LTS a shot you should...see what everyone is talking about.

In celebration of the last week of May I have decided to share a super effective salmon fly pattern with you. it was born on the Holy Water and catches fish when they stub their nose at everything else. Go fish them and have some fun. 



  1. I live really close to the upper rogue but have never had the chance to fish the holy water...I see the pic of the trout up top and I was wondering if that is the normal size or if that's just one of the bigger would be nice to get an answer back:) so I know which rod to bring. Tight lines

  2. The average Trout is about what you see on the blog. I use my LTS ephemera 9 for a 5. hope that helps

  3. I just recently went to the holy water and had no luck I was matching the hatch almost perfectly and had no drag on my flies but the fish just kept turning me down and I was wondering if you had any tips or go to flies for the holy water,thanks