Monday, November 17, 2014

Rogue River Steelhead are coming out to play!

The Rogue Is fishing well if your willing to get your flies down. Other than a few shallow runs, I have switched to skagits. The river is in its annual cooling stage and the fish are becoming more and more like winter steelhead. Of course Nymphs are fishing well. Stick to stoneflies up front, and match the hatch behind. Don't be afraid to throw the small stuff. 
Swinging is becoming more technical, you have to hit the slots and keep your fly in the fishes face as long as you can. I like fishing big flies this time of year, mostly blue and black.  I continue to use these techniques until the river starts to rage again in the spring, but don't be afraid to throw the scandi back on when the sun warms a run enough that you to see fish activity. Even with the colder water, I have caught several fish in the top half of the water column when conditions are right. 
If you're close to the Rogue, get out there! There are a ton of fish!   
Steve's first Steelhead ever!
Tammy with a freshy
Tammy is a fish Magnet!
Another nice fish!
Bob getting into the action!
Pile of LTS Rods! what a great time testing some new

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