Sunday, March 13, 2016

We made it through this weeks storms pretty well! The Upper Rogue will be filled with fresh Winter Steelhead.

The Rogue Swelled to some Huge levels today, but the sun is now shining and the Rogue will start to recede. I hope the Applegate follows as well! The 10 day forecast looks real promising  as well. the great thing about all this water is the fish that it has pulled up. There were some bright fish hitting the hatchery today and I'm sure more pods are on their way, and they were all large fish! As soon as the water drops you better be here!

Shady to Dodge has some great swing runs, I would swing either the Tipple Density sinker Scandis with a Rogue River Recon or a Skagit with Hobo Speys. Hit the seam water and find the small buckets that the plug guys can't fish.

Watch out below Takelma, as that section is always changing and will have debris in the water. With that said, Hit the river it should be fantastic!

If the forecast holds, this should be the week!

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