Thursday, December 11, 2014

LTS Fly Fishing is at the forefront of innovation!

I can’t say how happy I am that I asked Donna O’Sullivan of fishon-sports  to test one of the LTS rods last year.  I was so taken in by the LTS 8126-4 explosive that I knew I had to have one. When she offered me a prostaff spot I was ecstatic as I could tell that LTS was on the cutting edge of graphite and taper innovation. Their “Secret Squirrel,” Graphite has produced a ultra-light rod that’s full of power with the right amount of dampening—making LTS one of the most efficient sticks I have ever laid my hands on!

Innovation continues, as the 2015 LTS lineup is absolutely amazing! I recently got to play with a special prototype rod that I wish I could have kept—even know it was in its naked Prototype form. It is a 6/7126-4. That’s right, 6/7 weight that encompasses all the Explosive characteristics of its bigger brothers, (all pun intended). It feels like the 8126 Explosive, with the catapult tip and all, but is a tad softer in the butt to please casters that like their rods to flex more to the grip. The 6/7 is a versatile tool that masters  all forms of Spey casting and fishing. It loves the LTS 6 IIIs Scandi FHI (also new for 2015) as well as all the 6wt Skagit’s we put on it. I am extremely excited for this rod to come out as it’s the perfect all around Summer Stick for the Pacific Northwest. If you want to see the 6/7126 and other innovative LTS rods in action checkout the video below. If you haven’t casted any of LTS’s stuff yet you owe it to yourself to do so. Contact Donna or I and we’ll let you play with some of the most innovative rods out there…You’ll be glad you did!

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