Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's Time! Rogue River Summer Steelhead!

With the summer steelhead count kicking on the door of 1000 at Cole River hatchery, and the water temps averaging a perfect 56 deg f, I had to hit the Rogue. The "Rock Piles," swung tantalizingly well as I made my way through them. With each cast I realize how much I missed swinging with the spey rod. Down and across, step down, do it agian. The rhythm of the river directed my thoughts. I became lost in the memorizing magic of the Rogue's cool waters and realization  that the intermediate Scandi line was swinging my offering with hardly any effort on my part. Oh how I missed these days, and I'm so glad their back.  
The best thing a spey rod will do for you is to give you back the river, or at least let you notice it agian. No longer do I have to watch a indicator like a cat ready to pounce on a unsuspecting mouse, but rather I can pay attention to the beauty of it all. You can once agian afford the opportunity to daydream. To sniff the flowers...until IT happens. The big IT I'm referring to is the "eat" from a salty missile that is hell bent on shredding your drag. This "IT" is so intense, that it will cause even the most restrained of humans to scream with excitement. It's so addictive that it will pull you out of bed in the pitch dark, and keep you up late at night just thinking about it. If your like me the sight of the summers first steel is a day that should be marked on everyone's calendar as a holiday. 
If you don't know what I have described,  you need to. Pick up a fly rod and swing a fly down and across, and join the rest of us steelhead addicts. Soon, all that will be in your mind is the promise of being on the receiving end of Chrome perfection...even if it's just for a second. Wait .... on second thought ....stop now, while you still can, but if it's to late for you; if your already in over your head like the rest of us, try my guide patterns for the Rogue. If your not completely addicted to steelheading and don't tie your own flies yet-like a pusher-I can help you get there by providing them to you at $2.50 a fly. If you do tie, but don't want to run all over the universe to obtain the materials, I can also help you out, as I sell individual pattern tie packs that provide you enough materials to tie 12 flies of the pattern you choose.
So there is no reason you can't feed your steelhead sweet tooth this summer. These patterns have proven themselves on the Rogue River over and over and I'll bet they would work on your river also.
Get yours herehttp://www.southernoregonflyfishing.com/flies/
Reverse Halloween
Steely Euphoria
Punch in the Face

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