Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Williamson River, Oregon's Mini-Spey and Swing Destination for Trophy Trout!

When you mix July and the Williamson in the same sentence, most fly fishermen would think Hexagenia  Hatch and the huge Dry Flies that are fished at dusk, but there is another game in town. The hex hatch also opens up the river to become a great swing fishery. Watching a huge trout gulp down huge mayflies is a treat, but the “EAT” on a well swung fly is just as exciting—Pair that with the Micro Spey Rod and you may be in Trout Bliss. The hex hatch begins way before you see the huge mayfly dancing on the Williamson’s Surface, and if you’re savvy enough, and know the river you can take an advantage of it. The Micro Speys will help you to place the long mends you will need to present your impostor as the hex prime rib, that the trout have grown to love. Once you get it right…Hold On!        

Encounters with A Wild Williamson River Trout!
Trout on the Mini Spey..10'6" 3wt

Another Trophy Williamson Trout on the swing!

Trout Prime Rib....Impostor

Going back in!

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