Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spey Fishing for Rogue River Kings!


The Rogue Valley is looking at a record dry year, which has the Army Corps  of Engineers lowering the River Flows in hope of stretching the water from Lost Creek Reservoir over the summer. As I write flows are at 2270, which is less than years past. The drought is something that none of us are looking for, but there is some silver lining in the impending cloud. With the suspected lower than normal flows we, as fly fishermen have one of the best years for catching a Rogue King on Spey/Fly gear on tap.

I have only caught a few of these upriver brutes on fly gear, but The ones I have caught were well worth the time and work to get them. Here is one of the typical places and methods I have used to catch them.

The Slow Fish...King Candy
LTS Fits In!


The Slow Fish, not to be confused with the lure Kwickfish!


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