Thursday, April 17, 2014

Big Stick Casting Clinic

Well It looks like the list has Grown, and we have some changes. Monte Ward Is going to take Matts Slot. Monte is the US Vision Flyfishing distribuitor and has been Spey fishing forever. Im sure his insite will help us all. Also the Native Fish Society, Loop, and Siskiyou Aviary will be there also.
So here is the list:

09:00-10:00- Meet and Greet …Coffee
10:00-10:30ish- Nate Bailey: of On The Fly Guide Service: Out of the box fly presentations
11:00-11:30ish- Ron Lauzon: of Ron Lauzon's Fly Fishing School: True Scandi and Skagit casting.
12:00-12:30ish- Donna O’Sullivan: of Fishon! Sports: Long Line Spey casting
12:30-1:30- Lunch Provided by Bob Meiser, R.B. Meiser Rods
1:30-2:00ish- Monte Ward
2:00-2:30ish- Sam Sickles: Steelhead Outfitters: Advanced Spey Casting.

There will also be the following rod and gear companies on hand:
R.B. Miser Rods—Bob Meiser
Fishon! Sports—Us Distributor of LTS Fly Fishing—Donna O’Sullivan
Vision Fly Fishing USA—Monte Ward
Anderson Custom Rods—Gary Anderson
Native Fish Society
Siskiyou Aviary
Loop USA Fly Fishing

The Brookside Inn is offering a special rate of $79.00 Per night for all forum members attending the event. Call and reserve early as this is on a first come first serve basis. You can contact them here: Brookside Inn or Call 866-928-2314 Just tell them your with the BigStick casting Clinic

Hope to see you all there!

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