Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I can't contain myself!

Ok, I have been trying to contain this, but I just can't anymore. In less than a week my son, Gage Bailey and I will be on the Dechutes River under the guidance of one its legends Mark Bachmann. Thanks to The Fly Fishing Shop Shop, and Echo Rods im able to fish this legendary river, with my son, in his senior year. The Fly Shop just happens to be based in the town that is named after my family, Welches Oregon, and my son is the last generation in the family bearing the Welch name. Just awesome. I'm sure Mark will never remember this, but when I was a Teen, I saved all year to by a used  Maryat Reel that Mark had on the shelf. I put some money down and he assured me that it would be there when I got the rest. It took me a couple months, but true to his word, it was right where he said it would be when I finally made enough money to pay it off. He was always good to us kids. We would visit the shop every time we visited our grandparents. Unlike other shops, he would encourage us to check out the newest rods on the rack. Its cool to think after all these years Im going to be fishing with him, I can't wait.  

Dechutes Flies...I hope

The Reel I saved For

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